Real Time Cases Raises $3.5 Million to Expand Online Educational Technology Offerings into New Course Subjects

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Real Time Cases’ digital instructional content helps professors expose students to real businesses, for which they can apply theory to current situations at today’s leading companies.
Real Time Cases has raised more than $3.5 million in financing from SWaN Ed, LLC, for working and growth capital to take its online experiential learning business cases to a wider audience of higher education students across the United States.
“We’re excited to continue to partner with Real Time Cases as they enter their next stage of growth,” said Analyst Nicholas Gillette, “primarily to expand into more subjects outside of the business discipline, fulfill the needs of a larger variety of students and create deeper connections between today’s growth businesses and the Millennial and Gen Z demographics in the United States.”
Real Time Cases links the professional world to higher education classrooms through a suite of more than 200 video-based and interactive cases that offer topical instruction in real business-case scenarios from freshman to master’s degree levels from 40+ corporate partners. The video-focused and authentic nature of Real Time Cases’ materials delivers a more approachable and engaging learning experience than traditional case studies, as students are exposed to timely challenges facing real companies.
“We are honored that SWaN Ed continues to invest in the Real Time Cases model, which is different from other learning platforms in that students get to confront real, unresolved challenges facing today’s most respected business leaders and their companies,” said Jake Schaufeld, CEO of Real Time Cases. “By letting students address relevant and meaningful issues, we provide a more engaging learning experience than the traditional case study. We facilitate a connection between the classroom and companies, presenting students with the opportunity to share feedback with businesses and in turn, providing the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on their work and ideas. Students are exposed to early professional relationships in the professional world, which is invaluable.”
Current Real Time Cases’ curriculum spans business disciplines, including marketing, organizational behavior, finance, hospitality, and more. With this funding, the company will expand to include courses in health sciences, as well as the Schools of Education and Arts and Sciences.
About Real Time Cases 
Real Time Cases is a digital content provider that serves as the bridge between the Higher Education classroom and the professional world. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Real Time Cases delivers engaging, video-based case study activities for undergraduate and graduate-level courses that bring the vibrant real world of Business into the classroom. Students learn through experience and confront real challenges facing today’s business leaders within a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere.