Aligning Real Time Cases with Accreditation Requirements

Blog - Aligning Real Time Cases with Accreditation Requirements

Responsibility tied to accreditation requirements typically falls upon administrators, deans, and program care directors. At Real Time Cases, we understand how difficult the accreditation process can be, and created a mapping graphic that we hope will be useful in quickly seeing how our video-based case studies align with common requirements. While there are three accreditation bodies for the business curriculum (AACSB, ACBSP and IACBE), we chose ACBSP as one example to aid in the illustration:
Graphic - ACBSP and Real Time Cases
Finally, to learn more about how exactly Real Time Cases cover the specified requirements, or to request similar graphics for AACSB and/or IACBE, please contact Dr. Cassandra Shaw, Director of Academic Impact,
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