Thoughts on Wiley’s Research: 2025: A Look Into the Future of Education

Wiley Infographic Post

Wiley recently published an infographic called, 2025: A Look into the Future of Higher Education. Based on research conducted by the Wiley Faculty Fellows, a group of distinguished instructors from Wiley’s partner institution network, the graphic offers an intriguing prediction of how the needs of students and faculty, along with entire institutions and programs, will evolve over the course of the not-so-distant future.
Here are some of the items that stood out to the team at Real Time Cases as especially intriguing and relevant:
1.) Students: A higher expectation for the learning journey and the result.
Not only will students have a greater demand for an engaging learning experience that is immersive and personalized to their needs, but they will also expect it to provide them with the skills to get a job after graduation.
This is strongly aligned with the current trend of moving towards a competency-based education, and the increasing preference towards skills instead of degrees as a signal of value.
2.) Faculty: An increasing urgency to stay technologically savvy and multi-disciplinary.
As technology progressively becomes more intertwined with learning, faculty will need to keep up with these changes to provide high-quality instruction.
The need to straddle different disciplines is also crucial, especially as ideas from different fields begin to cross-pollinate and technology breaks down previously existing barriers.
3.) Institutions: A growing need to adapt to employer and workplace expectations.
As students look more towards institutions and programs to provide not only the knowledge but also the skills they will need to prepare for the workforce, an increasing amount of responsibility rests upon the college or university.
Institutions are no longer expected to just provide a place to learn, but to provide a space to develop students’ critical thinking as global citizens, and the training for students to master skills and get jobs.
These predictions set high bars for the future. In alignment with where the future of education is heading, Real Time Cases already operates with these growing demands at the heart of their mission, and is in good position to help instructors deliver an engaging, relevant student experience that ties directly to the modern workplace.
Real Time Cases’ content is not only immersive and experiential for the student, but also provides the powerful knowledge that their work can have a real impact.
To see how Real Time Cases can offer a helpful addition to your syllabus, schedule a 15-minute demo with one of our helpful representatives today.