FAQ Series: What If I Already Use Free Online Resources?

FAQ Series with Prof. Weiser - Article 2

The overarching goal of the FAQ Series of articles is to help professors understand how they can effectively and easily implement Real Time Cases’ video-based case studies into their syllabus.

One of the many positive ways in which technology has impacted education in recent years is the prevalence of Open Educational Resources (OER). Beyond the obvious fact that these materials are generally available to students at no charge, one of the most powerful benefits of the trend is the spirit of community that has grown as more and more instructors contribute and share learning resources with their peers.

What sets Real Time Cases apart from open educational resources are the individual and personal perspectives offered by the business leaders and executives found within our growing library of 200+ curated video-based case studies. In other words, these video interviews are unique to Real Time Cases and cannot be found by anyone with access to Google.

As highlighted by one of our faculty partners, Hannah Weiser, JD/MBA, Lecturer on Management and Organizations at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland:

“What’s unique about Real Time Cases is they’re able to offer this valuable insight from some of the top executives from start-up companies to big firms…that’s something unique that the students can’t find on their own that you’re able to offer them in the classroom, which really enhances their learning experience.”

Having the opportunity to get an insider’s look into the challenges that leading innovators face today can play an integral role in preparing students for the modern workplace.

To hear from Hannah Weiser in her own words, watch this segment from her recent interview: