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Projects are a staple for the higher education curricula, and are essential for experiential learning. As a professor, one of the main obstacles in incorporating hands-on activities in the syllabus is the significant amount of time it takes to design projects that are engaging for students while also effective teaching tools.

Professor Hannah Weiser from the University of Maryland at College Park was drawn to Real Time Cases as a valuable activity that she would have enjoyed as a student. Professor Weiser had this in mind when she decided to implement the video-based cases into her teaching:

“My students got the chance to try something that wasn’t just a project, it was a project that had meaning”.

In a recent survey of 406 registered student users, 91% indicated a preference for Real Time Cases versus traditional case studies.

Compared to more traditional case materials involving scenarios and problems that may have already been resolved, or even based on companies that have gone out of business, Real Time Cases provides powerful benefits for professors and their students in these ways:

  1. Empowering students to confront real challenges with video-based case studies involving relevant companies such as KIND Healthy Snacks and CustomInk. The students’ knowledge that their work can have an impact results in a more engaging experience than addressing an issue that was resolved long ago.
  2. Increasing accessibility to engaging with today’s top business leaders in the classroom. Real Time Cases makes it easier by removing the logistical challenges typically associated with inviting and coordinating guest speakers, or curating open source videos.
  3. Effectively bridging the gap between classroom learning and real world skills. Because these are current business problems, professors are thoroughly preparing students for the real challenges they will face in the workforce.

Furthermore, Professor Weiser remarked that using Real Time Cases in her classroom was a wonderful experience.

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