Announcement: Quantitative Case Content Now Available

Announcement - Quantitative Cases

In the spirit of our mission to empower educators by making it easier to help bridge gaps between the classroom and the vibrant real world of business, Real Time Cases relies heavily on the expertise, thoughts, and suggestions of instructors like you.
Today, it is our great pleasure to announce that in response to such feedback, our catalog now features a variety of quantitative case content. Across course areas such as operations, finance, and accounting, Real Time Cases is actively delving into this new arena as another means of supporting our engaging video-based content with quantifiable case study materials for students and faculty. Problems such as break-even point, outsourcing versus insourcing, and net present value are just some of the challenging topics that several of our cases now explore.
As always, Real Time Cases’ content allows students to confront unresolved problems facing real companies, and provides the knowledge that their work can have a real impact.
To view the list of video-based case studies that now feature quantitative content, visit our online catalog and filter by Category >> Quantitative, as outlined below:

Step 1: Visit // and filter by CATEGORIES












Step 2: Scroll down among the expanded list of categories and select QUANTITATIVE












Step 3: Select APPLY, or simply press your Enter/Return key to view the list of cases that now feature quantitative content










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